Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Kitty and the Midnight Hour

A little bit fluffy, a little bit rock and roll, Kitty is a step away from normal. A werewolf in Denver, she took a late night gig and turned it into a successful radio show for the paranormal. After years of hiding her identity and using doublespeak to talk to her listeners, she's finally confronted by her other life. An assassin bent on ending her calls in and starts a stalk and chase around the city.

Not all of the paranormal are as cuddly as Kitty, and the vamps want her taken down. For all that she likes the human world, and her very human identity, Kitty's still a werewolf and isn't going to give up everything she built. She takes the case to the cops and, with their help, tracks down the reason for the hit...

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