Sunday, July 23, 2017

Heat Stroke

She's hot, he's hot, the car is ridiculous. I'm seriously, it's a Viper, with a 10 Cylinder engine- turns out that's a thing. But Mona aside (oh yeah, the car has a name, she's the hottest thing since Kitt... Your moment of Zen...) what's really changed with Joanne since the last book is that she's dead. Or well, deadish.

When a team of Weather Wardens chased her across the US, it ended in a misguided deathmatch of epic proportions. Much to the dismay of her old, hot, dead sexy Italian teacher, the team got her. Her Djinn, David, had other things to say. He brought her across to the other side and now she's experiencing the world, and Weather Warding, as a djinn.

Unfortunately, despite being all powerful, she can get claimed by another Warden, so she has to fly under the radar while she tracks down the schism in the Wardens and clears herself. If it weren't for David, and the car, she might call it quits.

The future was looking stormy.

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