Saturday, July 22, 2017

D23 Throws Some Curveballs

Disney has been in video games for a while- I could barely pry Mickey and his magic paintbrush out of my dear sweet child's grubby little hands- but it's throwing in some serious flavor lately.

While it's still child friendly (despite the uber scandalous allegations of sexual images as well as connotations) it seems to be giving a nod to middle America (where satire has officially died) and expanding it's panels.

It used to be that to even sing the Mickey Mouse Club theme you had to be so clean that you squeaked, but one too many starlet faceplants has caused the company to ease off (Editor's Note: I have no insider info, despite having cousins who perform at Disney).

This D23, Kingdom Hearts III was presented by Jack Septic Eye. If you don't know who that is, I personally pictured him taking the stage with the theme "It's my Croc in a Box" playing in the background. I, as a liberal minded American, am extremely amused.

Other parents may be holding their breath- wondering can they really include a more adult audience without turning into Ren and Stimpy (your moment of Zen). I'll just take the last of your innocence and give you the heads up that Nick is run out of Canada. That's right. Canada.

Obviously my guess is yes, they certainly can- and it's about time. Not that racing pegasi won't prepare my kid for college (I had a friend in a sorority- I don't want to talk about it... ittt's a smalll world afffter alll...), and they've been expanding into celebrity appearances for years (love you Tim Gunn), but their safe place theory is starting to get outpaced by real world branding.

Princess there won't be doing herself any favors if she acts like Sophia in real life, something she probably realized really quickly in First Grade. I, personally, love that they added flavor.

Want more reviews that make you laugh, cry and game on? Link through to Anne's Channel. And yes, two full playlists are child friendly, and clearly labelled.

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