Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Shifting Shadows- Patricia Briggs

He was a Vampire, a thing in his culture, not even a person. She was the woman who had set him free. A century later something calls him back to their hometown and he finds a way to repay that favor in blood...

One of the best ways to get the most out of a favorite author is to keep an eye out for their anthologies. Popular fic gets a lot of press and you can pick up a mixed compilation to find authors with similar writing styles, or get a collection of short stories by your favorite. If you're into prequels, flashbacks and alternate viewpoints and haven't gotten a short story book, then you're missing out.

Patricia Briggs revisits some of our favorite characters from her Mercy Thompson series in Shifting Shadows, and introduces new ones. You find out more about the Marrok and his son Sam, and drift away for a taste of something different, before returning with Asil and Charles. If you're not familiar, werewolves have come out to the public - they were a thinly veiled secret anyways. Many of them had served in the military, their nature lead them in that direction, so they had a lot of popular support. Unfortunately, not everywolf agreed on the big reveal and not everyone was comfortable with magic.

The tightly knit families, the secret double lives and the pack magic weren't for normies and people went crazy imitating, hating and stalking these strange people. The Marrok ran North America from the mountains of Montana, and has used his centuries of experience to smooth things over and keep the packs strong. Through it all runs the thread of one story, the life of a Walker, a Coyote shapechanger who was raised by the wolves, and can never seem to stay out of trouble...

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