Sunday, April 2, 2017

Richard Castle - Naked Heat

I don't normally review Normie Fiction, but this series is so meta that it's almost fantasy. From the TV Series Castle, the writer Richard Castle produced a series of books about his muse Kate Beckett. In a twist that *I've* certainly never witnessed, the producers released a series of books about his fictional character "Nikki Heat". Nathan Fillion was even kind enough to play along and go to book signings, where he signed books as Richard Castle.

As anyone who has watched the series knows, Beckett got saddled with Castle since he had major ties with NYC's mayor. He needed material for his books, she needed a citizen trailing her like she needed a hole in her head. Unfortunately, as America's most eligible Bachelor, he has it all - and all of the connections that go with it.

Beckett's record is already stellar, but she's unbeatable now, and Castle gets his best selling series, the Heat chronicles. Nikki Heat and her tag-a-long the sexy Rook are at it again in Naked Heat - a gossip columnist is brutally murdered and there are too many suspects to count. Nikki's contact, the journalist Jameson Rook, have to patch things up to work together, she needs his expertise in the underground scene, and he might need another fling.

Thankfully his feelings run deeper for her than he knows... when she's kidnapped he puts his cards on the table and things actually get dangerous...

Curious? You'll love it. Pick it up Here.

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