Thursday, April 6, 2017

King's Quest- what happens after Happily Ever After?

Maybe you're not familiar with Phoenix Online- if not (and you're a gamer), you should be. These are the guys who brought you the Last Door, the most mind bending horror adventure since Phantasmagoria, and the Erica Reed Chronicles - if Nikki Heat were an FBI agent (and a psychic). They had a side project that kept them going for years while they developed as a gaming company, one the led them through the legal ins and outs of fair use and retired gaming copyrights.

They were developing the next King's Quest. Finally, after years, they reached a deal - it's called Silver Lining (instead of King's Quest IX) and you can download the first four chapters free. Download it for a flash from the past and a step into the future. Graham is here again to fight to free his kids from a spell that keeps them frozen in time (For the world's most sarcastic sneak peak, click Here)

Whether you want to walk the King's Questing road or scoot over to the Last Door for horror (or Erica Reed's page for a psychic experience) check them out for fun in your free time. Two thumbs up.

Want to try out the best damn thing? Check out their games Here.

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