Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Perils of Rosella: Adventure Point and Click

Your father is ready to retire and, in a fit of not so nineties feminism, decides to throw his adventuring cap to you and your brother to see who takes up the family trade. In a Very nineties style feminism twist, fate takes a hand and, rather than winning fair and square, daddy dearest has a heart attack and you have no choice but to take up questing in order to save him.

What's this, a game with a plotline? Don't worry, there are still puzzles and characters and pretty much everything that you're used to except for seek and find (you do that every time you walk onto a new section of the world and you get to use words like "look" to flesh out the story and help you find clues). Welcome back to the best of the old school.

It's hard to find, you don't see a whole lot of people out there singing paeans of glory for the older games- but that's mostly because we're settled down with kids now. If you want something entertaining for your tablet (just download DOSBox first) or your computer, there are a whole treasure trove of adventure games available at

The King's Quests set the bar for adventuring, but there are countless spinoffs, parodies and copycats, and the occasional improvement floating around out there for your amusement. The games can be played through in the perfect amount of time and there are tons of walkthroughs online if you get stuck. In fact I'll throw out a hint that it took me all of seven websites to find- in KQIV GO TO GENESTA'S ISLAND FIRST. I had to restart, but no big, it's not time consuming once you know where to go and what to do, exploring takes up the most time.

As a result these games can go as quickly or slowly as you'd like since you can just look up answers and play the plotline. Cute, fun and family friendly you can even involve the kids once you teach them to type the commands. They're great for building patience.

Curious? Check out a sample walkthrough Here:

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