Monday, December 26, 2016

Robin Hobb: Ship of Magic

Wander from normal into  a world where a pirate fights to become king, where sea monsters seek their lost secrets in their own legends and where ships speak through the magic of the coffins from which they are made. The seasons of mystery have stopped turning and the wheel struggles to move, and a rich merchant house is about to see its fortunes turn in time with the workings of a new world.

Bingtown is the home of liveships and the center of all commerce as a result. Each of it's ruling class owns a ship and trades in the magical items that are brought out of the rain wilds by the cursed people who lived within. They always appeared veiled and clothed from head to foot, but rumor precedes them and everyone knew they became hideously disfigured as they unearthed the objects they sold.

The Vestrit family was the oldest in Bingtown and its children were spoiled beyond belief. Their oldest daughter began accepting courting gifts from the Rain Wilds when she was denied a place on their new liveship, Vivacia. Her brother, a priest, was forced to serve in her place and the ship was stolen. The Vestrits were to big to fall, but their children were bringing the world down upon them, and all of its miseries with it.

Magic was a toy to the people outside of the Wilds, and they felt it could fix anything- it was something to be played with and then ignored- wasn't it?

One spoiled little girl, her clueless mother, and a sheltered son were about to find out.

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