Friday, December 30, 2016

Raven's Shadow : Patricia Briggs

In a world where magic is fading the Travelers have learned to hide. Seraph is one of the last of the Raven mages, a line of witches that carry magics borne to animal names, labeling their powers. People fear what they don't know and hate what they cannot possess and the witches have been decimated and driven into hiding. Seraph is too powerful to hide, her magics show through and commoners are beginning to close around her when she's rescued by a soldier named Tier.

Together they keep the old ways strong, bearing each of her bloodlines forward into their children, except for one, a child who was lost. The missing link can destroy the world, or save it. But Tier goes missing, and Seraph has to take up his role of protector to find him and finish the weave. A place as beautiful as it is terrible hangs in the balance and the temptation to let it slide into mythology sings a siren's song.

Should she save the world of magic? Or let it take its place in history and live as a commoner? For him the choice is easy to make, but for her, it means the lives of her children...

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