Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey - Fantasy Takes Wing

Lessa was a slave in her own hold, the dragoncousin watchweyr her only friend. Every day she plotted to overthrow the man who subjugated her and every night she slept, hidden with the other servants. Finally a rightful heir was born, but her plans to take over the hold were interrupted by F'lar, the dragonrider from the Benden weyr that ruled over their district.

With her by his side he was convinced he could restore the dragonriders to their former glory and ready Pern to protect itself from the legendary thread- a storm that ate every living thing. The threadfalls hadn't appeared for five hundred years, and everyone thought the threat had past, but the old writings detailed the signs of each fall with painful accuracy and F'lar had spent most of his young life trying to convince the few remaining dragonriders that the thread was coming back, within their generation.

Resentful of the burden that the dragonriders presented, most Holders used his predictions to turn the people further away from the traditional fealty that bound them to the weyrs, and only his certainty that Pern would be threatened again kept him from declaring war on the Holds and enforcing the rule that was their right.

No one knew what a threadfall would bring, and he needed a partner to help him prepare...

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