Monday, December 26, 2016

Chapter 15 : We could always just kill them

I was already getting twitchy, and the sun hadn't even gone down yet. Timmy sure was taking his sweet time infiltrating the little bird, the kettle had already gone off twice with another brewing. I wanted to shoot it, before it started to scream for the third time. The odds of anyone being at that warehouse? Decent. The odds of us ever figuring out what fucking warehouse it was? Poor.

Timmy walked back out into the living room and scooped up Danielle from where she was leaning against the wall. I resisted the urge to shoot the both of them, making a mental wager that he'd be more horrified at seeing Danielle shot. CO or not, that one might get me one of our shiny white medals. He nodded at me as he carried her over to the couch. Not surprisingly, Danny and Ricky scooted over to make a space for him.

"Anything on the warehouse," I asked him softly, crossing the room despite Danny kicking up the ball game a couple clicks.

"Ayeah, Sarge," Timmy drawled, an odd, closed look on his face, "I checked about that real thorough."

I waited, leaning against the doorway to the hall while he looked over the map I'd brought from the table. His face didn't move a muscle as he scanned the streets and alleys. Finally he tapped on a section of largish buildings.

"She said he had a friend over here, in the Dorsai district. They'll meet up in on of these storage houses to see if we'll show."

I nodded and dropped a hand on his shoulder, then walked over to the kitchen table and pointedly began sorting matchsticks between myself and the boys. He almost cracked a smile. Little fucker just figured out why I'd sent him in instead of myself. I don't play would you rather with assassins...

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