Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Assassin in India (14)- How's your Father?

"You've got a bit of a walk home after tomorrow." She frowned and her hand twitched towards her gun. She hadn't been twitchy before, his heart started back up and he smiled at her a little more fiercely. Her eyes went dark. Most blokes would take it for a bad sign but he'd watched her watch Sarge, he knew he was winning. She didn't want to fuck him, but she did- control issues. Perfect.

She didn't say anything and he let the silence stretch just shy of a staring contest. Frustration. She didn't like it- she wouldn't. Beautiful, smart, tough, she'd have either gotten her way for most of her life or gotten the short end of it, no in between. So that's where he was going to put her.

"We've got some looking around to get to, but we're heading out at roughly the same time," again he paused, again she just stared. He sighed and reached for her calf, starting to massage the tense muscles. She didn't move for the gun this time and he smiled inwardly. She wanted to pop him. But she wanted to hear what he had to say more. He could deal with quiet. He made his hands gentler as her muscles relaxed and she glared down at them. First sign she'd lost her emotional control. He frowned a little at the way her face shifted, he hoped he hadn't read her wrong. The "bet he doesn't pile" was showing good odds right now.

"Sarge looks at me for escape routes," he said it with a little too much earnestness, hoping that she'd calm a little if he put himself down, "We'll be heading out through IAF."

He smiled shyly and she smiled back, her frustration breaking now that she was back in control of the situation. It would fucking help if she were drunk, this was like trying to calm a spooked horse.

"Through IAF," she asked innocently, tilting her head to the side and keeping the smile in place. Timmy laughed, she thought she'd caught a nice piece of data, that they were getting help from the inside.

"Yes ma'am," Timmy said looking up at her through eyelashes so long that every girl commented on them. His blue eyes were deep in the semi-darkness, he felt her relax even further and slowed down. She'd decided to go for it.

"We're rescue and recon, ma'am," Timmy let his accent thicken up a bit, "Since IAF already knows we're here, I figured we'd borrow one of their helis."

Ennia was so shocked she actually laughed and he looked up at her in surprise. Her control had slipped and there was a manic twist to it. Assassins, they were all fucking crazy, and after missing her mark she'd want action like a junkie wanted their fix, especially with him there, annoying the hell out of her. She liked looking down on people, she liked her position, she liked her license to kill. He could work with that.

"I know Sarge, he doesn't like ride alongs, but we're down to one source before we head out. I could talk to him, make sure we meet up after..." Timmy let his voice trail off and placed his hands on either side of the bed, turning his head so that he didn't lean into her space. Her hand closed around his wrist and she pulled him closer.

"You'd do that?" She asked him softly, trailing a hand along his chest, and up his neck.

Got you, bitch. Timmy smiled softly at her, his pulse speeding up. Bet you she does.

"Yes, ma'am."

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