Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Palace- So Different that every Word Matters

Welcome to Palace, the premier city in the Pinch- a lost arm of the galaxy, settled long ago by humans, Garang and Leps- the indigenous Saccules, with their primitive scent based communication system, taken in as servants.

Welcome to the Pleasure, where genetic culls were dumped to avoid death, tattooed with a red sun that held a tracer below the skin, so that the Lifegivers- the priests who had unlocked the genetic secrets to extend a human's lifespan- could execute any degenerates that left.

Welcome to the secrets that always seem to dwell, just below the surface of an ancient civilization, the secret parts of the Map, the data driven virtual reality that served as the city's technical backbone and cybernetic playground for hackers and legitimate workers alike.

Vida was never told she was anything other than a cast off, one lucky enough to land in the Close, the most prestigious house of enjoyment in the Pleasure. She certainly looked the part, red hair, green eyes, slim, charming. But fortune favors her when death haunts her doorstep, and she forges a marriage contract that saves her life, but could come between herself and Rico, the heir to the Cyberguild- and the only one who seems to know that someone is hacking through large parts of the Map, threatening anarchy.

Somehow Vida holds the key to it all, but it's already too late.

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