Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Devil You Know: Mike Carey

Carey spent most of his career writing graphic novels, but his debut book is just as gripping, and just as adult.

Felix Castor can see things that other people can't- he's always been able to. While in modern day London that's more acceptable than you'd think, it still isn't a great way to make a living. But for a guy who's in a downward spiral, there's always one more job.

This one last job is in a museum and is fascinating in its twist and turns. Clues pop up as supernatural events challenge the happy little world of museum employees, and they're not nearly as amused by the occurrences as Felix.

The veil between worlds is ripping and the population is having a harder time maintaining their comfortable level of mild disbelief, and this final exorcism might be more than Castor can handle. In the style of the Constantine Comic Books, The Devil You Know is gritty, dark and gripping. Grab it if you want something a little different.

Curious? Buy it Here.

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