Monday, October 24, 2016

The Assassin in India (13) - Any port in a Storm

She looked a little confused, as though she'd maybe expected a visit, but not from him. Timmy smiled. She'd been expecting a soldier, and thinking about Sarge, her color was high. He hadn't given her two glances, that made him the safe one. No one had ever told her the line about the quiet ones then.

"I didn't want to interrupt you while you were sleeping," Timmy lied, his heart rate going now that it was on, but it was pretty easy not to let it show. Ennia's gun stayed pointed.

"If I were going to kill you, or hurt you in any way, I'd have used a silencer and taken you at the door," he kept on, letting his English slide a bit, the way he didn't usually talk. She was certainly beautiful. This should be easy. Pretty little tasty bits were actually the easiest- they couldn't puzzle their way around his reactions. She lowered the gun but didn't put it down. She looked about ready to spit, not that a woman of her class would. If he got real suicidal he'd ask her how a rich girl wound up an assassin, as it was he watched while she shifted slightly. It had thrown him at first, he'd gotten rich off of her before killer. She flicked her eyes along the length of him when she thought he wasn't looking, Timmy didn't react.

Good. Used to getting what she wanted and not really held down by the usual rules, although she'd pretend, for forms sake. He'd brought protection and he was betting he'd need it. Not that the boy's betting had riled him, he'd kept his matchsticks out of it. He slid a hand under the blanket and grabbed her foot, massaging it. Her gun came up.

"I can tell you're here on a diplomatic mission," Timmy told the barrel, his smart mouth working overtime, "Just like I'm intelligence." Tell 'em out loud- they'll never believe it. Rule number one of counterintelligence. Unless they were Americans- an American might take you seriously. Ennia laughed softly and lowered the gun. He had an Aunt who'd studied reflexology, seemed like a handy thing when you wanted to break down barriers, worked on hands too. He'd tumbled his fair share of handsome into bed using that particular trick, already her posture was relaxing.

"I'm not going to ask about who you're visiting, you don't want to tell us, that's your business." He spoke softly, like a confidante. Fancy french word there, he was still focusing just on her feet, and she was loving it, too. Had to prove you were one of the guys there way too often, didja bird, he mused silently. Had to be difficult, coming from power. He kept his eyes down and let her get her rush, that kind of feeling got you a little drunk.

"Do you rather, Ennia or Vyrennia," He asked, once he was through both feet and just as his hands moved to her calf muscles, interrupting the requisite protest before it even started.

"Either," she answered shortly. Vyrennia'd had time to think- she'd been expecting Sarge to come in and try to work her over- might even have planned a tumble from the way she'd tossed the pants aside. It was pretty obvious by now that he was going for the same, for all that he was polite about it. It set her off for a reason she couldn't figure out. He didn't seem to notice.

Timmy let the longing show on his face instead of the laughter. He would have laughed here if this were the real deal. He missed it, hadn't had a flatmate in months. The low laugh as he slowly got on top of someone made their blood run hot. This bird reacted to the longing, negatively. She tucked her feet back under the blanket and he looked up. She was interesting. But he'd spent his time in the kitchen reviewing a map that he'd stuck behind his kit, and he knew this kind of girl. Once the oven was prepped it was just a question of playing everything right. And he had an Ace up his sleeve. Bitch.

He smiled at her.

"You've got a bit of a walk home after tomorrow." She frowned and her hand twitched towards her gun. She hadn't been twitchy before, his heart started back up and he smiled at her a little more fiercely. Her eyes went dark. Most blokes would take it for a bad sign but he'd watched her watch Sarge, he knew he was winning. She didn't want to fuck him, but she did- control issues. Perfect.

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