Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Assassin in India (12)- Gone Fishing

         (Chapter 11)

         "Nice scar, Sarge," Danny said, eyeing the long one down my back. Skiing trip with Karen, if you'd believe it. Ten years in the field and I got a gorgeous scar from a slope. I stretched, feeling the scar pull. You'd think we hadn't bunked together- oh, the bird. She was over with the boys, playing poker, and probably getting taken. I rubbed a hand along the back of my neck, considered shooting Timmy, briefly, and headed back to the bathroom to get dressed.

         I took extra time, it was petty, but Timmy deserved the boys up his arse some. He'd already made tea and showered, what was his rations kit even doing in the kitchen- making sure his teeth were less than white to dodge a bird? Hell, maybe he was smarter than I knew, I was avoiding her too.

         I came out at the end of a hand and Ennia looked put off. She didn't show much in her expression but her full lips were pressed slightly, her head tilted a bit at an angle, thick black hair struggling loose as always. I wondered if she were playing them, but she'd have to be damn good. My squad loved their poker.

         She glanced over at me and stretched. I glanced out the window. Still about three hours til full dark. I considered telling her to head to bed but Timmy started ragging on Mikey before I could open my mouth and I didn't want to shout. I was still on the fence about giving her our next location. She could flip on us, or she could get taken down and I could wind up texting it to someone with a major hard on for anyone who knew her. Life's a bitch.

         After a minute she stood and walked towards the back, I stepped aside and smothered a smile. She smelled like me. Not that the kits weren't uniform, but mine had apparently picked up a hint of the tiny bottle of aftershave I stored in there for when we weren't in the thick of it. I continued on into the living room after I saw she wasn't heading for the bathroom. I threw a marker on the table and got a handful of toothpicks. I looked at Timmy and raised an eyebrow as he dealt me in.

        "You're dealing the next hand, Sarge," Timmy said casually, "I'm just about out." I considered asking him if he was going to put away his damn shotgun, but that was a given. Danny turned up the TV some more and the guys exchanged wicked glances. I quit with playing give her the address or don't and told my worry to piss off, Timmy'd probably make the call in the next couple minutes. I took the hand.

          Timmy stood up and leaned Danielle over by his rucksack, disappearing into the back of the house. Nobody changed their conversation any but the betting got vicious. Dick swingers.

          Ennia sat up as the door opened. She was still wearing Sarge's shirt, but Timmy could see that the pants were tossed by the side of the bed. She had a gun in her hand, but he didn't let it bother him. He'd had guns pointed at him before. He shut the door and walked to the foot of the bed, deliberately rucking up the blanket as he sat. She hadn't said a thing so he wasn't about to freeze up. She looked a little confused, as though she'd maybe expected a visit, but not from him. Timmy smiled. She'd been expecting a soldier, and thinking about Sarge, her color was high. He hadn't given her two glances, that made him the safe one. No one had ever told her the line about the quiet ones then.

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