Monday, October 3, 2016

The Assassin in India (10)- The Bird with a Gun at My Head

(Chapter 9)

"If you'll not move, while I check on you," she ordered us calmly, producing an iPhone from a slit pocket and thumbing in a request. Could she possibly think she could take us all? Her attitude said, yes. For the first time since I saw her slide in against the wall, my blood started to heat up. That was stupid.

This was an assassin. We were SRR, better than the best, but the brutal training that we took up was on unit work, roughing it, extraction and get out. This bitch revised killing and that was about it. She didn't brush up on things like civilian interaction or- obviously- PR. I took a breath and reminded myself that I didn't want the boys knowing who she was. The Sig pointed at my head wasn't helping.

Timmy glanced at me again and I gave him the rudest British look I had- which was pretty much nothing at all. The bird probably missed the stand down, staring at her phone. We're not real expressive, and being military knocks a lot of the piss out of everything but your words. Still, I could tell Timmy was unhappy, and confused. A bead of sweat worked its way out of my buzz cut and down the back of my neck and my wrist throbbed. Finally, she looked up.

"Marigold," she said, the gun still pointed straight at my head.

"Fuck," I spat. It was a green light. That was the highest all clear MI-5 had given us. I'd have rather popped the fucking bint and called it a day. She holstered her gun and took a step towards us and Mickey got up a little too fast, moving towards the line of rucksacks. His gun swung towards her and her hand flicked up. A tiny dart appeared in his forehead.

"Oh for fuck's sake, Stand Down!" I barked. That was fucking stupid, to move like that, especially after getting a coded go ahead. Mickey deserved whatever tranq was pumping its way into his system. Served his hyper ass right. The boys didn't look happy, but they did as they were told, going back about their business.

Timmy leaned Danielle up alongside him, but gestured for our lady assassin to have a seat. She tilted her head a bit and looked at me. Mickey took up an armchair, twiddling the dart and relaxing into a stupor.

"He always keeps her next to him," I told her, sighing and scanning her up and down, "You look like you've been out for a while. Grab a shower and something to eat."

She didn't look happy that someone else had taken control of the situation, but she nodded sharply.

"It's not lethal, he'll just sleep," she confirmed for Timmy shortly. His posture shifted and she relaxed a little more. I'd missed that.

"Bobby, go stash the bodies," I told him, checking his outfit for any stains. The dark, heavy cloth of his top was a bit dusty, but that was it. His hair was dark enough to blend ok, too bad they didn't wear headresses.

"Fucking thanks, Sarge," Bobby bit off, rolling his blue eyes when he thought I couldn't see him. Body detail sucked, but he was the best at stealth recon. His bio said so, I thought sarcastically.

"What's your name," I asked her as she pulled off her hood. I was glad I was talking, I could keep my cool through anything if I was in charge of a situation.

She was beautiful. She was gorgeous. She was the type of bird that could get a man killed and he'd die happy. Five foot almost nothing, all curves, high cheekbones, pointed chin- eyes that set off something in a bloke that shouldn't be setting when you're trying to think. Her hair was half loose from a rough ponytail and the thick black waves curled around her face. Fuck. I wasted some time picturing her underneath me, cherry mouth open, eyes drowsy with the look that they get when it's really good. She'd answered me. Vyrennia. Right. Vyrennia.

I knew that my chaps had that horse kicked look that even a soldier gets when something tasty like that pops up in front of you so I opened my mouth back up, walking to my kit.

"Bathrooms that way, and here's some soap, razor, the usual. They're mine but it's better than nothing." I handed her everything, slapping a cool look on my face. Gun. She had a gun. I repeated it to myself. It made things worse. "You can take longer than two, but we all need to use it. Bedrooms down the hall."

I was talking out my arse, I hadn't had a chance to check the layout- but it had to have a bathroom and bed so I kept my gestures vague. She gave a cool smile and took my kit, heading for the showers. The door clicked shut and the boys burst out into a nice round of shut up. She was Timmy's then. I nodded at him and he smiled his crooked, why me, smile. Because you don't like birds, you cock. I thought at him. And because you're our Infiltration specialist. He adjusted Danielle and his mates stared daggers at him. He shrugged and dealt another hand of poker. Life is like that. I shook my head again at his fucking purple hair and headed for the kitchen to make up a meal for two. I hope she liked punkers.

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