Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Smoke and Shadows: Behind the Scenes at a Studio- Urban Fantasy

Lights, Camera, Action. Everyone knows the words, but Smoke and Shadows takes you behind the scenes in an Urban Fantasy Thriller. Life is good at CB Productions- or as good as it gets for an overworked staff in love with their work- and if you worked for Chester Bane you'd better be in love with your work. But when shadows start to bend from more than just special effects, a street smart PA finds himself speed dialing a number he was thinking about leaving behind.

It helps you keep your cool when your backup is a vampire. Henry Fitzroy moved to Vancouver to give his new "vamp kid", Vicki, some space and Tony Foster went with him. Vampires don't keep "seethes" or any of the other cliches that you might read about, but they've been around a long time and tend to be a little possessive. Once Tony was through a late stint in college and into a job, he got his own studio apartment. It's not that he wasn't grateful, it's that he was.

Still, moving shadows and black magic meant that his ego was going to take a backseat and he was going to call up all the help he could get- and that meant calling Henry.

Henry was about as badass as a Vampire could be. Born in Olde England, the bastard son of Henry XIII, he'd been raised to rule- and he did. He'd also been kicking around for over four centuries writing romance novels and learning control over his powers.

Their one ally on set didn't seem to think that it was enough- she was sure the ShadowLord would win out. Not with a name like that, in modern Canada. The fight was on, and Tony wasn't backing down.

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