Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sing the Four Quarters: Tanya Huff

Unbridled, free, wild. The Bards of Skoder have everything. They're the eyes and ears of their country, they bring the mountains to the sea and the sea to the mountains and they tie every little, personal melody into one larger song. Although the spirits of the elements are capricious and moody, being able to sing to them gives the Bards an advantage that is as magical as it is fulfilling.

And Annice wanted that. Wanted it more than she wanted her title as Princess, and everything else that went with it. She was born able to sing the kigh, and she could sing all four of the quarters. One element was considered a blessing, all four- she was meant to be a bard. But her brother didn't see it that way and had tried to cement his budding rule by marrying her off to the Prince of their natural enemy Cemandia, where singing to the kigh was a death sentence.

So she gave it all up, the right to marry, the right to bear children, her family. And now that she's knocked up, she might have to give up her life. Her love Stasya is her only ally when the father of her child is charged with treason. She's sure it's a Cemandian plot, but between the pregnancy itself being treason and the man who inspired the song "Darkling Lover" being charged with the same, she has no chance to plead her case. They flee back to his Duchy for answers.

If they don't find them, she, the Duke and their baby face a Death Judgement.

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