Monday, October 3, 2016

October is Vampire Month: Dhampir

Dhampir is being a half breed vampire before it was cool. It sounds like a cursed life, but Magiere's turned everything to her advantage. She and her partner, the lovely Leesil, have traveled the countryside, playing 'vampire slayer' and collecting plenty of money from people who suddenly became haunted by one of the unearthly evils.

Set in a fantasy world, Dhampir is not to be confused with Vampire Academy. The one is poppy and fun, Dhampir is older, darker and way more emotionally intricate. Magiere is no hero, but she's given a chance to become one after she starts to get caught out for her crimes. It's not a grateful populace that gives it to her, it's the vampires she hunts- and they aren't making nice about it.

Her relationship with her partner is tangled, they stay apart on purpose, but they have no other loyalties. Her past is lost, even to her, but it holds a lot of secrets that other people are interested in. The places they go are rural, and uneducated and have the distinctly fantasy flair- this isn't about mythology that's hiding in the light.

For something completely different, and emotionally stirring, try Dhampir.

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