Friday, October 14, 2016

MoonCalled: Werewolves and Vampires and Walkers, ohhhh myyyy :)

Mercy is an automechanic- a strange job for a history major. But she's got the strength, the guts and the brains and when one of the fae (a metal working gremlin) picked her up as an apprentice, it turned into a career. Unfortunately the Grey Lords forced the less fae out of hiding and, when prejudices boiled over, onto reservations. Zee retired and gave Mercy the shop.

She's a walker, a Native American that can change into a coyote, but she's had no one to teach her how to use her powers. Even though her mother fostered her with werewolves, she's a loner, she never quite fit in. When a beat up were shows up on her doorstep she takes him in, and opens up a world of trouble.

The local Alpha, Adam, is retired military and is being eyed for the wolves' poster boy if they have to come out of hiding. But he's raided and his human daughter, Jesse, is kidnapped. He's been watching out for her for a long time and Mercy is all in, she loves Jesse.

She pulls out the stops and checks in with everyone she knows, from vampires to fae, to find out what's going on, and who's finally targeting the wolves.

An interesting look at the social structure that still permeates America, using werewolves as an example. You'll love the story, but stay for the characters, when the plot doesn't move quite fast enough. A romantic triangle doesn't hurt, when her childhood sweetheart shows up to help you want to scream Team Adam, like a tween. Worth the read.

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