Sunday, October 16, 2016

Dance of the Dead: Ravenloft

She was beautiful, lost and alone and he adopted her as a small child, drawn in by her beauty and grace. Now, decades later he's come to collect.

They ride a riverboat run off of a secret magic that none of the cast and crew questions. All they know is that they're not allowed to sing into and out of port, or outside of the plays. It doesn't matter to most of them, until their Captain goes mad for his adopted daughter and she flees into the swamps.

She's older, but still gorgeous and talented, and she's determined to fight her way free from this nightmare, no matter what the cost- and it will be high. To pay it, she defies a terrifying Baron of the swamps and learns the Dance of the Dead. Magic itself falls in love with her, and might die to save her.

It's time for the secrets to be told...

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