Thursday, October 20, 2016

Catfantastic (Yes, this is a real thing)

If you're just getting into fantasy, or if you want to step away from whatever niche in it your used to, an anthology is a great way to go. There were winters when I'd run out of books from my favorite authors and for a while I wasn't sure what to do to find new ones (of course, you can always read the reviews here- I only pick great books :).

Whether you just want a change or are shopping around for more, picking up an anthology is an awesome way to experience both. I first started grabbing them they were the only place to get extra material from some authors that I'd shopped out, then I realized I was running into other short stories in worlds I wanted to explore.

Catfantastic V features everyone from Mercedes Lackey to Andre Norton with more than ten other authors to check out as well. The stories are light and amusing, frightening, dark, classical. They're a wide range of short stories featuring one central theme- cats. Sometimes the cat is the main character, sometimes they're just pivotal to the story.

No matter how they're played, the anthology is a fun romp with new authors and stories that are fun and easy to read, at about 15 pages each. Try it out, anthologies are something different.

Curious, buy it Here.

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