Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Vampire of the Mists

Jander is lost, alone, stranded in a life that is his... and isn't.

He's an elf, one that worships the sun, but he's been turned into a Vampire. To try and hide his affliction and connect in a world of hopelessness he travels to an insane asylum where he eventually falls in love with one of the inmates, Anna.

Her history is shrouded, if she has memories then they're hidden in a mist of madness. He finds himself protecting her more and more, and she doesn't age, just like him. A fever threatens her life and he becomes determined to find out more about her past, what shattered the beautiful woman she once was.

His only clue is one word- Barovia. That cursed word will take him through the in between, into the mists and eventually find him in Ravenloft, where he will finally meet another Vampire. Is Strahd a friend? Or something more horrible than he could possibly imagine?

Gripping and different, Vampire of the Mists is a haunting read.

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