Thursday, September 8, 2016

Value and Innovation: Creativity Drives Us

  • Human/Individual Capital
  • Social/Shared Capital
  • Developmental/Anticipatory Capital

  • Introversion/Extroversion
  • Divergent/Convergent Thinking

  • Products
  • Contents
  • Operations


How section 1 impacts the workplace
Examples of Creative Genius- Einstein's Desk, DaVinci's Notebook
Examples of Open Workplaces- Google Desks, Ping Pong Table
Examples of Nurturing Bosses- Real Estate Brokers, Outside Sales Mentors

How section 2 impacts the workplace
Self Recognition and Empowerment

The difference between group Divergent/Convergent and self Divergent/Convergent thinking.

Dig Into:
Guilford Model and the Use of the Rubiks

Units - Pieces of knowledge.
Classes - Groups of knowledge.
Relations - Links and linking sets/groups.
Systems - Overall patterns in links and linking.
Transformations - Algorithms and logarithms of knowledge.
Implications - Reflections on transformations and their trajectory.

Cognition - Understanding, and discovering information.
Memory- Coding and recalling data
Divergent production - Producing multiple solutions from a single item
Convergent production - Deducing one solution from multiple sets of data
Evaluation - Determining if data correct, valid and true

Figural - Actual things perceived through the senses
Symbolic - Semiotics concretely (ideas)
Semantic - Semiotics abstractly (concepts)
Behavioral - Social constructs from motion

Encourage Group Interaction During:
Stumbling Blocks Sections

Cultural Concerns:
Old Boys Club
Less Work Life Balance
Value as a word rather than a Practice
Paying attention to a client's culture

One Example for Creativity:
List Others for Processes
Encourage group Feedback

End Slide Show:
Make a Group Activity
Delve into Guilford Results
Label Rubiks with highlighter tabs

Handout Feedback Sheets

The Thesis Paper on the various issues brought about by BossGate and the middle management block and how to solve them is available upon request.

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