Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Assassin In India (8) - Well, that Just Happened

(Chapter 7)

It took my eyes a minute to adjust when I walked in the door. It was already past three, but the sun stayed up longer in Nagpur. I kept walking and moved a bit to the side, even though I couldn't see well. Old habits, always present a moving target. Never stand outlined in a doorway. Even though I'd seen Marky outside- you never let your guard down.

The boys had taken over the living room. Rucksacks, all dyed the same dark tan as mine for the trip were leaning up on the far wall and seven of my unit were around the large, dark, occasional table playing cards. It looked like Timmy was running things again. Danielle, his breaching shotgun, was leaning next to him, the others had strapped on their sidearms. I preferred to be somewhat more low profile, but with the shotgun out, they might as well go on ahead and be carrying.

A small kitchen was off to the right, dirty tile making up its floor. Billy had a kettle going, watching it boil. It was about as far as I got, surveying the inside of Bunker Two before the distant pop pop of gunfire sounded. I drew, moving to the large, open kitchen window. Billy took the left and Timmy moved to midway between our position at the door.

I'll tell you that I'd never seen anything like the bird that came flying down the street. hitting the low wall at a run and sliding sideways along the long grass, under its cover. It took three shots for her to blow a hole in the mortar and get a space to shoot for, but she got it done before the cops came around the corner, and popped one.

She was dressed from head to toe in a rough looking ninja outfit that was, as I watched it, slowly shifting to match the color of the wall.

"Well, fuck me." I swore softly, fascinated. Billy laughed.

"Sure she's got the figure for it." There was no doubt that was a woman. Her curves pressed against the outfit, which fit her like a glove. Her head was covered completely, with the wrap drawn across her face, rating her fuckability was a bit of a trick, but from what bits I could see, she was stacked.

She took two more shots, forcing three of the cops back into cover. I saw two shadows detach from our building and jog down a side alley as she popped out the clip and then swore in a language I didn't recognize, desperately grabbing at her waist and side. She was out of bullets. I smashed out the screen and jumped through, rolling like some sort of cocker from a Hollywood movie to hit the cover of the wall before the cops chanced a pop out.

"Hey," I greeted her, scooting up behind and lining up through the hole in the wall. I made the mistake of looking down as I handed her a clip and lost a second of my life staring into huge dark eyes, framed by long lashes.

(Chapter 9)

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