Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tanya Huff: Enchantment Emporium

Allie Gale is away from her family for the first time- and Gale girls don't leave home. Why not? Because they're all true witches, the men too. An entire family of natural born psychics who keep everything that they can in the family makes for a tightly knit, homey, experience growing up, but it's a little much for a twenty-something in the twenty first century.

So she takes off for Western Canada and an eclectic shoppe which could use a girl with her talents. What she doesn't count on is that an evil that's followed her family before has been waiting for one of them to stray. What that evil doesn't count on is her cousin, who can walk the Wild Ways without using the old, raw, Celtic magic of her family.

When her cousin takes off to join her, there's no stopping it. Charlie is as fey as they come, able to bend the possibilities of green places and simply step out. Allie was always one of her favorites, and she thinks the Aunties are a little bit much as well, although they do make one mean pie. Slipping away is out of the question with a family like that, and Allie finds herself tangled back up in family matters, enchantments, old grudges and- somehow- dragons.

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