Saturday, September 17, 2016

Strike at Sunrise, Tequila at Dusk: Teaser (MA)

One: At Base 

    Nikki always looked sexy, but today she was smoking hot. Josh leaned back as she drifted behind the weapons lockers, almost falling off the Humvee as he tried to keep her in sight. Her walk had a little extra sway to it, probably because of the skin tight leather pants. 

    He knew making a move to get her in bed would probably result in getting his ass kicked, Nik knew the rules in the boys club, she'd be the one getting ragged on. In spite of that- or maybe because of it- he was really tempted to try. She walked back into sight and headed right for him, looking straight at him the whole time. Nik didn’t ever look down at the ground or away from you, giggle, or look up through her dark lashes. God she was hot.

    Her deep brown eyes were serious, nothing new there, and her hair fell in jet black waves, highlighting her olive skin tone. It tumbled over her shoulders and danced along the top of her high, firm breasts, where they were pressed up against the thin fabric of her gray Underarmor shirt. 

    She’d strapped on her black leather shoulder holster, her golden Desert Eagle was the only pop of color in the whole outfit. He amused himself by picturing her in pink for a minute, but gave up. It didn’t work for her, and it was a whole lot more fun picturing her naked as she crossed the warehouse with her sultry strut.

    “You rang?” she prompted him impatiently, before she even came to a stop. Josh was willing to bet she was a tiger in the sack, she had that tense sort of pent up energy that he liked in a woman. If he ever landed her he’d walk away with some scratch marks for sure. He towered over her from his seat on the hummer. He had over a foot on Nikki standing, she was maybe 5’ 4” even in her boots, and he’d had to jump to get up here.

    “You need some help focusing, Josh?” Nikki said, cracking her knuckles and placing one hand in front of her breasts, her middle finger pointing upwards towards her face. Josh cleared his throat, running a hand along the golden stubble lining his wide jaw. Whoops, he’d been staring at all the wrong places.

    “We’ve got a client coming in, very last minute. He sounds pretty sure he wants to work with us but I’d still like you to do a meet and greet.” He found his emerald green eyes wandering down past her tiny waist to the curve of her hips. Maybe he was wrong, maybe she’d be a gentle lover. One of the considerate kinds. She was their customer service girl precisely because she was so good at reading people.

    “I’m not turning so you can see my butt, no matter how hard you wish for it. Your Jedi mind tricks will not work on me, boy. Talk to me about the client.” Nikki shook her head as his eyes snapped back to her face. Josh was a good guy, who really did love women. All of them. It didn’t really bother her when he appreciated the landscape, but she wished he’d focus on business.

    “I don’t know a whole lot,” Josh replied, shrugging apologetically. The movement pulled against the wide scar he’d picked up on his back during their last mission. Not that he'd been on his back, it was because... he frowned. He didn't want to think about it. If he had any brains at all he’d have retired. But he’d never found anything that beat the rush of a job, the feeling that had been building since the second Camron had asked for an appointment.

    “I asked Li to work his internet magic and he’s on his way in with everyone else, but the client should be here in the next half hour. He didn’t sound like the kind of guy who was used to waiting.” Josh watched a flicker of distaste cross Nik’s features, only to be replaced by the curious, mysterious expression she usually wore. 

   He could tell by the way she stood, running her hands through her hair and fidgeting with the cuffs of her shirt, that she was getting the same pre-game feeling that he’d been riding. Everything seemed a little sharper, a little more real, like he was living inside of each second instead of wandering along them absentmindedly. 

    “His name is Camron, and he sounded like a businessman. Knew exactly how he wanted things to go, took control of the conversation. See what he’s got for us and-“ Josh was cut short by the obnoxious buzz of the front doorbell. Camron was early.

    “Go get ‘em, girl,” he grinned at Nikki. She rolled her eyes at him, turning on one high heel and heading towards the office door.  

    “Yes, sir,” she replied mockingly, flipping off a salute with her just middle finger. Josh chuckled, enjoying the view. Flipping people of was basically Nik's way of saying 'Hi'.
“See," He yelled after her, "You did turn so I could check out your butt. Maybe I really am a Jedi.”

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