Saturday, September 3, 2016

Solitaire's Journey and Hoyle Book of Cards

I normally only review for purchase games, but I went digging around the deep dark, lost parts of the internet and found something astounding- there are at least two games out there that you can't buy anymore.

With the advent of Windows 10 and the tyranny of Gates' mandatory updates the beloved practice of blowing your time by playing solitaire is being slowly stomped out. Grandma maybe safe, since she's not hooked to the internet and is dodging Gates' commie update minions- but you are not!

Enter, the last bastion of freedom when it comes to silly games that can be played when you should be massively busy with the minutiae of your angst ridden and existentially fulfilling life. Click Here if you Just Can't Take It Anymore and need the refreshing click and drop of old school solitaire games- and if you want to meet some new ones as well. (Solitaire is probably the only thing gets you to buy a mouse anymore).

Don't be frightened by the incredibly throwback copyright protections, you used to have to pull a word out of the manual (Whaaa? DLC?) to access a game. With this you can type anything. For a, I typed asteroid of death, and it worked so you are GTG!

It's online and the mute key gets really angry, so just go to options in game to turn off the volume and from there it's just one click to hide the window- not that there's anything wrong with it!

For a laugh, watch the trailer by Anne Jindra here.

For yourself, a card adventure...

With a Computer Friend... not that you NEED a Computer Friend... I don't judge...

Did you laugh, love it? For a more personal review, and more games, check Anne Jindra's Channel.

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