Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sneaking out to Play with Agame

The new trend (ok, it's not new - alt tab >ahem<) is sneaking in game time at work. On your break or on lunch, people's phones are coming out and they're updating, building and solving puzzles, or wasting bad guys, as a mental break.

That's awesome! Taking some personal time is really good for workplace production and leaves you refreshed and happy. But the real question is- do you sacrifice the time you text to your friends (or FB) for an app or game? Well online gaming was a hit- over 500 of you wanted to play the oldschool King's Quests on your tablets or phones, so I went to the net to find a compromise.

Agame is a win. They have action, adventure, .io games, basically everything under the sun. Best of all they have multiplayer games, so you don't have to give up your social time, you can just sync it.

It's a bonus for kids too- my favorite is Fire Boy and Water Girl, a sidescroller Donkey Kong style that you can play with two people on a keyboard at home. (one uses AWD the other uses the arrow keys). So if your kids are just past the age where you can cuddle them you can still spend some time side by side, playing on the computer.

At work, or while you're waiting in that annoying line at the DMV, you might want to stick to multiplayers like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or which are more phone friendly. Either way, it's a throwback and a way to link up that casual gamers will love (they have tons of single player apps too, or you can just play with a smarter opponent than an AI). Does you boyfriend spend way too much time on the Xbox? Start here and get your hand eye coordination up before you switch over to Fallout 4 or Halo whatever they're on- mind you I love the series, they just have way to many installments, even Red vs. Blue couldn't keep up.

(Looking for a Christmas Present for you both? Try Beholder it's a Dystopian Surveil that's TB released this quarter, you can check up on more "serious" games that are about to come out with a brief overview from someone who got introduced to Beta Testing when she was thirteen Here)

Try hundreds of apps Here
And yeah, I played them too and my computer has yet to explode in a fiery napalm virus death (I ran a scan and there were a total of 9 tracking cookies from the past week, not bad given that I live on the net) so I'm 99% sure it's a clean site

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