Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sacred Ground : Fiction on Native Spirituality (with Grit)

She's Jennifer Talldeer, a medicine woman who has learned at her granddad's knee. He's David Spotted Horse, a rebel with a cause- which doesn't go over well with his private investigator ex-girlfriend. She fights for the People in and out of the courts while he runs around stirring up trouble, at least that's the way she sees it.

But a construction company that's willfully digging up an ancient Indian burial ground brings them back together and, against the odds she manages to make him see the other side of things, the pathways into the otherworld. It's not soft or even always beautiful, but it is an incredible place to walk, and acting as it's guardian is a lifelong journey.

This incredibly well researched look into some of the troubles and wonders of Native American life takes you along a road less traveled, and shows you another side to the computerized world of clocking in, eating lunch, clocking out and going home. Gorgeous and compelling, Sacred Ground is a trip worth taking.

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