Thursday, September 1, 2016

Phantasmagoria: The whole Reason I never watch Horror Movies

Adrienne is a successful mystery novelist (despite my commentary about her close resemblance to a Stepford Wife) who has just purchased an old, Gothic home with her photographer lover. The home was previously owned by a famous 19th century magician Zoltan "Carno" Carnovasch. Put a mystery writer together with an old, creepy house, and you're just asking for a horror film.

This third person mystery launches you into one of the first adventures fueled by actors. Adrienne explores their eerie new home (complete with Gargoyle Stove and hidden cellar) and the sincerely disturbing small town connected to the island. From possession to a haunting carnal chase, Phantasmagoria is the sort of game to give you nightmares. 

Desperate to escape the fates of Zoltan's previous wives and banish his ghost from her previously caring, if odd, boyfriend she scours the town for answers, finding a trail of skeletons and lies. Her world becomes a thing of nightmares as her lover twists against her, and she is abandoned by the people around her. Will she regain the normalcy of rural living, or will the curse leave her with the hollow shell of shattered dreams and polluted hopes? 

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