Monday, September 19, 2016

Let's Read: Throne of Glass

I just got the Throne of Glass in and I couldn't be more excited. Normally I do a third person review and tell you a teaser/summary of the story. This is a little different. You've read all over the internet about the success of Let's Play Videos. Let's Read is a new initiative with a focus on YA reading levels, using best selling books, real world questions and fueling it with YouTube and media.

(Join in wherever you are or come back here if you want to start from the start- it's the great thing about the internet, we're right here waiting for you, so move at your own pace :)

I'm up to the fourth Chapter and I'm already enchanted. She's strong, she's well trained, she's single-minded. She refuses to give up. It doesn't hurt that Celaena is incredibly beautiful as well, I think that every girl fantasizes about that (although, in all seriousness- a little eyeliner on the corners of your eyes, some soft lipliner, mascara and one video on facial planing and you'll fall in love with your own face).

To top it all off Celaena is an assassin, and an oppressed one- even though she's the best. She's a prisoner who's been trapped in the salt mines of Adarlan, and she's survived it, because she's worth it. Now she's about to be entered into a game of Assassins, with her freedom as the prize- after three years of service.

I was amazed at her response. But if she's survived this long Aena has got to have something up her sleeve. The summary heavily implied a love triangle between herself, the captain of the guard, and the prince, so the intrigue is starting already.

I'm in character love.

Literary Peeves: I'm not in research love. They have a team of guards that dies rather than kill her (um, srsly?), and a sword with a carved eagle pommel. Um, it's called a pommel for a reason, you use it to move the sword around when you stand up and sit down- that'd poke your hand. Also it'll throw the balance on the sword off, and from the clothing descriptions it ain't exactly a freakin claymore.

I still bought it, and I still intend to sit here and eat my cotton candy, and love every character driven, possibly plot wonderful second of it. I'm a little worried about what will happen when we hit the magic, due to the research level, but it's a fun anticipation.

So, let's read.

Questions: Mines still exist today, what's been done to improve working conditions and do they get a bad rap? It's literally forbidden to be nobility in American (you need to give up your title to attain citizenship), why would that be a law?

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They just got picked up by Hulu, good production team too. The TV Series is coming soon :)

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