Thursday, September 15, 2016

Let's Read: Throne of Glass Ch4 & 5

(Start at the Beginning)

The last time we saw Celaena she was meeting with the prince of Adarlan and getting pushed around by Duke Pennington. After tossing out the Duke and scraping her off the floor he gave her an offer- win a competition and serve as Ardalan's Assassin for five years (four, she said) and she'd be granted her freedom.

I was shocked she said yes. She loved her home country and Ardalan had conquered it. Of course anything beat the salt mines. Then I started thinking- she can do more to help the war effort outside of the salt mines than in them, and if she's smart enough the good will outweigh the harm. What a rough spot to be in, though.

So she gets scrubbed up and tossed out and left in the care of Chaol. Her freedom is really in question- and again you have to wonder, is she just being offered a different form of slavery. I can't help but think about the Wheel of Pain and it's allegory for life. Granted, being an assassin is a little different than the rat race. Still, the manacles around her hands don't go away and she has a chilling discussion with Chaol's Guards at lunch about the magic of the forest (although the m word is banned) and they seem to think it would be better off burned to the ground.

Questions from Chapter 4: Is it better to stand up for your ideals, or compromise and have a shot at a better change- and can she hold out or will the situation change her, and corrupt her? Are the sacrifices we're making in mythology, religion and ecology worth it for modern technology? What is holding you back in life, and are you living in a prison of your own design? How do you change that and what caused that? What motivates you? What makes your life magic?

Discrepancies to note if you write. There is reference to a throne room, but why would they have that in a salt mine complex? Her riding habit is made of silk, satin and suede- riding is a hard sport. Even the rich wear leather, hardened leather, or you wind up chapped. She runs to the windows in front of Chaol, I'd think someone as trained as an assassin wouldn't show that sort of weakness in a tenuous situation. See anything else?

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