Monday, September 19, 2016

Let's Read: Throne of Glass, CH 8&9

(Start at the Beginning)

It's time for Chapter's 8&9 already (Like you haven't read on ahead and finished the whole book by now- does she wind up with Chaol??). Celaena is having a hard time getting adjusted to castle life- not a surprise. The culture shock of moving from slavery to the court is overwhelming. As always, the Captain of the Guard is there- showing her around this time. After the creepy Clocktower comes the huge library, and we finally meet the real Celaena.

The girl loves books. Adores them. Loses it when she sees them and decides to bend the rules and ask for access to them. I don't blame her, I'd take a chance too if I saw a library that size. While she's corresponding a singularly unlovely character wanders under her balcony, deliberately insulting her. The fe-villain is ToG's equivalent of Cersei- our Love to Hate. Aena tries to off her with a flower pot and all you can feel is amusement.

She's finally decently dressed and able to regain some of her old power when Chaol shows up and hauls her off. Having revisited some of the king's evils during their talks he somehow still manages to be surprised at her minor freak out when she finds out that she (and the other Champions) are meeting in the throne room, NOW. He tells her she looks rather pretty, and she's fairly sure it's the last thing she'll ever hear.

Some chapter questions- During the rise of Christianity in Ancient Greece, and again during the Crusades, thousands of manuscripts were burned. Why do you think conquerors feel so threatened by knowledge- and is it best if it's available to everyone? Also, do you believe that the Tower, and all written forms of wyrding, are semiotics in action, or do they have the driving force of mythology behind them?

Pet peeves for writers- As cute as Aena's assassination attempt is, her temper is not suited to an assassin, that sort of thing can get you executed in court. As a literary device, I gave it a by- it wasn't as glaring as being guardless, outside, at night, while transporting an assassin. Also, it seems no one maintains the books- don't people know that these things crumble without proper care? Finally, how is everyone so clueless about magic when it ended only a decade or two ago. People would still talk.


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