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Let's Read: Throne of Glass Ch 6 & 7

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Last we checked on Celaena she was chatting up the Captain of the Guard- a good spy trick, although you're supposed to be more charming. The remainder of her ride back to the castle seems miserably uneventful, the weather is terrible and she's still hurt from her year in Endovier.

On the way to the city we get some hints as to Celaena's mysterious rise to power as Adarlan's premier assassin and her capture. She won't really mention who betrayed her, or how she came to the city, yet, but it's a fun teaser. Aena reveals that the only reason she's not more beat up is because some of the Eyllwe (slaves from another country) took care of her. She's finally starting to show signs of her year in the mines and waking up from a nightmare leaves her alone and staring at the stars- while someone stares at her.

For all that she seems to have some sort of connection with the Fae and the woods, Celaena is pretty obviously a city girl and enjoys returning to the capital. The fun is cut short when she sees the slaves being unloaded at the docks- she'll probably be anti-slavery for her whole life. Again she shows signs of her stress, counting exits, guards, fashioning makeshift weapons and not really calming down until her new servant Philippa shows up and starts mothering her.

Dorian reunites with his Dad and their dismal relationship gets revisited. Dad only loves his war and Dorian's sleeping around is a threat to the throne. While it's hard to really get upset for the prince, given his behavior, you certainly don't pick his abusive father to sympathize with.

So far the Crown Prince seems like a womanizer and I always find myself waiting for Chaol to show back up. The King is about as cruel as expected and Philippa adds a nice new dimension to the cast.

A couple of questions that came to mind- how did slavery endure for so long, given the dismal conditions and extreme reasons for revolt? Why are mythology and wildness so often tied together? And how do Kings manage to conquer and hold so much territory?

#Let's Read Pet peeves- for people who write. There is no sentry mentioned and the guards are supposed to be transporting the most lethal assassin alive. It made a pretty scene when she woke up and everyone was sleeping, but, really. Her makeshift weapons are ridiculous. She has a bathroom, likely with glass ornamentation- that could be sunk into soap far easier than pins. And why isn't Aena killed when the King declares her a witch- since magic is forbidden?

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