Monday, September 26, 2016

Let's Read: Throne of Glass Ch 14 & 15

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Celaena is not the kind of girl to lose at anything, and she starts waking up before dawn to train for the competition. A shared hatred of the armsmaster's pet sparks a friendship with one of the Champions, a thief. While they're both normally solitary people, Cain is starting to gang up on the contenders with his man posse, and the others are grouping for protection.

A little bit of dagger throwing and pointer exchange later they finally get around to talking about the elephant in the room- the fact that one of the Champions was brutally murdered last night. Nobody knows much, Celaena only knows that the Captain didn't show up to train her. Not having him around was odd.

He checks in on her later and they compare childhoods. Her story of having to break her own hand wins out and he leaves her to get some sleep before the first competition, which turns out to be (in a very, every-story-in-the-world twist) an archery competition. She finds it hard to hold back and the Chapters end with her engaging in her usual staring match with the Captain and the Prince. Did she blow her cover?

Questions- Gunpowder was originally invented in Ancient China, but it changed the world- how did they have a secret like that for so long and still use bows? Could someone keep the details of a murder secret today, with all of the social media that we have?

Pet Peeves- Celaena should be more focused on her cover and the edge it gives her, given that she's facing a trip back to the salt mines if she fails. Chaol is getting pretty obsessive about Celaena given that his boss is an evil peasant gutting tyrant- you act a little different when someone that megalomaniacal is above you.

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