Saturday, September 24, 2016

Let's Read: Throne of Glass Ch 12 & 13

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Celaena gets brought up short of killing Chaol, the Captain of the Guard, by the armsmaster. Not that she necessarily would have, he's been the one escorting her around the castle and answering her questions. At the least, replacing him with someone else would be a nuisance.

Either way, Brullo calls them all to the center of the training ground and they introduce themselves- all twenty-four of the noble's champions competing to be Ardalan's Assassin. There are some interesting types and some favorites as well. Not to mention some surprises, especially given that the noblemen of the court are betting on this.

After the intros, Chaol finally warns her to hold back some and retain her anonymity. It's something he should have done before practice but, better late than never. Thankfully (or not), her body still hasn't recovered from it's year in the salt mines, although she's determined to get back into shape and win.

Chaol still escorts her around in her free time, and they run into an extremely interesting lady on their latest walk. It seems that no one else managed to get beaten in the salt mines and fall in with the Eyllwe- so no one else speaks their language. Celaena is fascinated, and so is the girl, they immediately begin to make plans to see more of each other which- like anything else- bothers Chaol. Chaol and Celaena end with one of their usual arguments about her attitude, which is somehow a comforting close to the chapter.

Questions: Is self defense even necessary anymore and do people like armsmasters still get the respect the Brullo did in the book? The women presented are headstrong, and that seems annoying, but acceptable- is that similar to or different from society today?

Pet peeves: Celaena worked in the salt mines every day for a year, her legs might have cramped up but she shouldn't have been winded from a run- it's an endurance sport. Knives are a ridiculous weapon against a sword because you can't block with them- no matter how good she is she never should have gone for them. Celaena is getting a surprising amount of lateral movement for a notorious assassin and Chaol doesn't seem to do much with his day that is Captain of the Guardesque.

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