Sunday, September 11, 2016

Learn to Meditate: Arrows of the Queen

She was young and oppressed. She lived in a Border country where the women married young and the men were dominant to the point of cruelty. Not all of them, but still... 

The Border was a hard place, you worked your whole life and stole moments of leisure- until you had a family, then even those were sacrificed to your husband and children. The moment her marriage is announced is the moment her life is over. Thankfully there's another woman who has also stuck out her whole life, a guardian angel... a white horse.


Talia is Chosen by a Companion and brought to the capital where she is able to help fix the problems of Valdemar. As a Herald she is a judge and jury. But her past leaves her enormous gift of empathy unstable and repressed and her job as the Queen's Companion is so far outside of her experience that the culture shock leaves her lost and alone. 

She's sent on her first mission with a mentor who has heard and believed the gossip wars against her and it hammers at her, proving him right- and wrong. A near divine intervention causes a snow storm and he is forced to face what he's doing to her, and it wakes the Herald in him, driving him to finally do his job. He teaches her all of the mediation techniques that she lacked due to the absence of a teacher, helps her learn control over her mind magic, and so much more. 

But her past follows her, and her future will need her to be stronger than she appears. Can she bend, and not break?

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