Friday, September 2, 2016

King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

Love... True Love...That blessed arrangement... that dream, within a dream... (Your moment of Zen). That's what sends Prince Alexander far from his home, to the land of Green Isles, in search of his love, the Princess Cassima. Following the stars, his ship runs onto the reefs of the Isles and he is washed ashore.

It was 1992 and graphics were just starting to evolve past Mario 2, 16 bit. Roberta Williams was well know for her series of stand alone, eminently playable adventure games, the Kings Quest Series. (She actually pioneered the graphic blue screen technique that you see in Rooster's Teeth's Red vs Blue series as well in her hit, Phantasmagoria). Her huge fan base immediately swarmed the game, and a radio release of a song "Girl in the Tower" was available on local radio stations. The woman knew how to launch a game.

She weaves the captivating story of Alexander's romantic escapade as he searches the Arabian style Green Isles, solving puzzles and defeating gnomes, minotaurs, and even Death himself as he frees the beautiful princess from the evil vizier's clutches. A visually engaging, humorous romp through a unique fantasy world, Kings Quest VI gets six stars :)

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Bonus: You can see other players wandering around too :)

Pop up Videos meets MST3K watch the trailer by Anne Jindra

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