Tuesday, September 20, 2016

King's Quest Reboots- Extra Content and More

Wonder why mine is always better than yours? It's because I have the Fu. The Google-Fu. That and I've been around computers forever. On the upside I am a loving, kind, considerate person and I want to share what I find with all of you too :)

So when I got a great response to the KQ online games I went fishing around for something that I'd found about ten years ago- when it had gotten even better. I Did run a virus sweeper after I downloaded them (if you didn't know it you can "try" Norton for 30 days if you're ever looking for a one off download like this- it's free)

They're for computers, but downloading DOSBox can solve your smartphone issue if you have the space on it. Or you can wait to get home for your fix :)

Either way, if you want the best damn thing since you got tired of 8 bit, here it is.

KQ 1-3, Quest for Glory 2, and a New Game from AGD

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