Saturday, September 24, 2016

Jaran: Sci-Fi and Fantasy- Brilliant

Shade your eyes. Jaran is here.

Tess is the little sister of the only man who is allowed to speak with the aliens that run the Human worlds with a light hand. University has sheltered her and she is engaged. Or at least, she was...

In the Universe's worst case of cold feet she takes off for the newly discovered, primitive world, which houses a multitude of nations but most of all, the wandering tribes called the Jaran. Their dark haired leader, Ilya, is trying to unite the world under one set of laws. Tess hates politics, but a personality that strong is hard to resist and she's drawn into the lives of the wandering nomads as she slowly researches how the distant aliens who appeared suddenly may have intervened in the past- placing people here.

The people of this world live to a hundred and twenty, easily- something that has eluded scientists. Are they a separate, experimental group? Will the artifacts left behind in temples show her more cues? And how can she convince Ilya to let her stay with his people long enough to find the answers.

Love, fear, politics, Jaran draws you in and holds on.

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