Thursday, September 8, 2016

How to Collage, and Why

Choose your topic wisely. Not with your words- those are for writing, or throwing away in light conversations with friends, or for tap tap tapping into the glowing box at work. Choose a topic.

  1. a matter dealt with in a text, discourse, or conversation; a subject.

Don't write about it. Don't make a list. Don't obsess or hype or twitter or chatter. Don't even think about how many times you've already done this on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram. Ok, well, think about that one.

Boards are typically organized by theme, such as: Food & Drink, Women's Fashion, Gardening, etc. Users have the ability to "pin" and "repin" content that they like to their respective boards.

Pin, reblog, collect, share. You're used to it in cyberspace. The labels and tags, buttons and virtual places that basically do it all for you. You're not used to the clutter that Collaging creates. You're not used to the experience.

What do you think, feel, want to know. What is there already? What do you want to EXPRESS.

Stick to things you won't find online. Nebulous things that are hard to put into words or actions- or else you'd just be talking about them or doing them. What is the core Concept

  1. an abstract idea; a general notion.
    "structuralism is a difficult concept"

Get a sense for what it is recursively.Pick things up that you've found or that show you what you're thinking. Don't lock them into your computer. Print them out. Don't stick to the meta, look around wherever you're going, but don't be looking for anything. Find things, and they'll find you

And when it frustrates you. When you're sick of having everything around you tell you the same story about the same group of thoughts over and over, put it all together. Cut things up that have too much extra on them, pin objects, purchases, randomness you brought home onto something. Move them around until they're just right and you can finally tell yourself what you've been telling yourself.

It's why you Collage.

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