Friday, September 16, 2016

Grim Tales: The Vengeance (Your New Addiction)

I would have sworn that since The Longest Journey 2 (Dreamfall) tanked because of a deadline, the adventure game was dead. I was so wrong. It simply moved into hiding. Maybe because of the simple interface, maybe because of the niche crowd, it's just moved into an app/download format. I was shocked to find that Dying for Daylight was available- a Southern Vampire Mysteries game from Charlaine Harris. I was floored to find out that there were even more adventure games out there.

How had I never heard of them? I have an entire family of Gamers (when I was younger I actually wound up in Daggerfall from Bethesda Softworks, that's how steeped in gaming I am), and while I've drifted away to pursue higher education (England here I come), I should have stumbled onto Something in Game Informer (Still love you GameStop), online or somewhere!

Apparently not! So I have the scoop on the best of adventure gaming and I am thrilled in a knock your socks off way about it. Your average PC Game release is $30. These guys are going for $9-10 and are available on iPad/Phone, Droid and even Windows phones. The perfect workday mental break (I'm a huge proponent of people taking them- they up workplace efficiency!)

The latest? Grim's Tales: The Vengeance. You play the rich and retired psychic aunt who rushes to a Londonesque town to defend your nephew when he is accused of murdering his sister for their inheritance. Your abilities allow you to sense an object's past and even travel into it. A wonderful blend of puzzles and seek and find it's a great way to spend some time, and stay sharp.

The graphics are incredible, the gameplay is smooth and the interface is so simple that it's barely even noticable. It's everything that's engaging about adventure games. If you want more NPC (Non Player Character) interaction, you would probably go the extra mile and buy something like Dreamfall 2 or Siberia 2, but if you want a simple and enchanting gaming experience, this is the way to go. I'm dying to find out what happens next, nothing like a mystery to draw you in.

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You get one game for $6 off at Big Fish

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