Monday, September 26, 2016

GreatShadow- Something Different in a World of the Same

The main character's name is Infidel.


I'll let that soak in.

She's a warrior chick who likes to kick butt, take names and merc out for fun. She lives on an outlaw island, one of the few havens for the otherworldly population that doesn't feel like following the rules sometimes- or at all.

Unfortunately her mate's killed and she, quite naturally, swears revenge. Worse, the revenge involves Greatshadow- one of the originals. One of the beings who's time stretches back so far into antiquity that few can say from whence he sprang. Charming as that is, he shouldn't have messed with her life- now it's on.

She teams up with the Church of the Book and hits up a few of her old acquaintances (who materialize in the most unexpected of ways) for information, for help, for everything that she'll need to take down the Dragon who styles himself as a God. Win or lose, it's a heck of a ride.

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