Monday, September 12, 2016

Gattaca : Love, Dystopia and Apophenia

He was supposed to be an Olymic Gold Medalist. His genetics promised it. But he failed and a suicide attempt made him a paraplegic. Now he's nobody- literally. He sells his identity. to someone who is supposed to die from heart failure, too much of a degenerate for his father to even give him his name.

His genetics promised it. 99% chance he'll die from heart failure. No dreams, no hope, no future. His parents were throwbacks, they conceived without science, naturally. It seems like so much more than bad luck that he happened to be born wrong, but his brother Anton- mixed properly- turned into a proper detective.

Years later Anton will be the one to hunt his older brother, the man who bought someone else's name. Who found love, through all the genetic scanning traffic stops, work check ins, spies and oppression as the government seeks to breed out in-valids and purify the gene pool.

There's only one place he'll be free, and it's been his dream since he was a boy. Against all odds, he's trying to make it into space.

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