Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dying for Daylight- (Charlaine Harris's) Southern Vampire Mystery

Sookie may be innocently wandering around Bon Temps, sampling everything that this new life of vampires, werewolves and magic has to offer, but Dahlia's got her beat. Already undead, she heads straight to New Orleans in search of a daylight potion that would allow her seethe to walk around during the day.

Unfortunately she found out about it when a vampire decided to cross the line of Southern Manners, during the daytime. It made front page news, and things have gone down hill in the vamp sections of town since then. A quick trip down to poke around has turned into a full on murder investigation- but it's nothing this vicious, playful little vampire kitten can't handle.

Explore colorful frames and solve adventure style puzzles as you live Charlaine Harris's world- she co-created the game. Beautiful graphics and a driving soundtrack will have you hooked by your first click. Barring a few typos, this is the perfect fix for anyone who was absolutely addicted to the books or TV show, and is devastated that they ended.

Rather than following Sookie's sweet charm, Dahlia is a hands on, get things done, rough and tumble girl who likes leather, long walks on the beach and True Blood. Dying for Daylight is a previously unavailable look into the flip side of Harris's reality- an exploration into the lives of the vampires, rather than the humans that find them so fascinating.

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