Wednesday, September 14, 2016

C.S. Friedman: In Conquest Born

A political sci-fi, In Conquest Born follows Anzha, a natural born psychic whose parents are murdered while she is still young. A shadowed group seizes her and trains her to fear life, people and, most of all, to hate the Braxi. She's made into a weapon against their enemy race, pale and dark haired with a hatred of psychics. Her life's course might have followed this path either way, but the choice is taken from her, and she is created.

Her hatred is the driving force in her life as she seeks to infiltrate the Braxi and bring them down. Their strange culture leads one of their upper class to fall in love with her. Zatar views the war and her pursuit of his species' extinction with a strangely attracted fascination. He uses his connections to weave through her past and find out the secrets that drive her.

Will he destroy her with them, or will she triumph? The two peoples have been at war for centuries, and the only way to end it seems to be total annihilaton. But there is another force at work, barely seen through the book, that could turn the tables.

Riveting, with more secrets to share that can be discovered, In Conquest Born is a win.

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