Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Buck: A Bittersweet Dystopian Romance

Enter another world where animals are the main characters and the apocalyptic ending that pretty much everyone these days expects has already come about. Buck's girl has disappeared and it's eaten at him day and night until he can't take it anymore.

Leaving the comfort and safety of the garage handed down to him by his father, he goes off in search of her. His father raised him to be self sufficient, and working as a motorcycle mechanic kept him sharp. He'll need his skills to make it in the wasteland. He heads across Vengaza to Westown, a tough place with a crew of survivors, each of whom have their own agenda.

Nothing is This world is free and Buck has to earn his way with his self made weapons to find the trail that his girl left behind. A side scrolling adventure with easy interface combat and interesting characters, Buck is a fun walk into the flip side of reality. Reminiscent of the Shadowrunner series and Mad Max it's very steampunk, done in a beautifully rendered, comic book style.

Conversation is easy, but once you say something you can't take it back, and your answers will guide you. Pick up loot, scavenge for materials, upgrade your weapons and never give up your pursuit of your lost love. A beautiful coming of age, dedicated to the dog that modeled for the main character. Enjoy. 

Release Date 2017Q2
Watch the trailer by Anne Jindra Here

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