Monday, September 5, 2016

Blood Price- Tanya Huff

They tell Vicki Nelson to give up investigating when she develops a rare condition that's destroying her vision. But they tell her a lot of things. To settle down. To mind her own business. That magic isn't real.

The last one, at least, was new. But every clue in her newest investigation points her directly towards that- the fact that magic exists, and someone in Toronto is using it to summon a demon. She might not know a lot about the magic business, but that can't possibly be good.

As gruesome as it is, thankfully the killings are gory enough to attract the attention of Toronto's possessive, seductive and frustratingly intelligent vampire. He'd be the world's most eligible bachelor, but he works nights, and writes- of all things- romance novels. He doesn't appreciate the help of Vicki's ex-partner, and his royal blood boils at the arrogance of the Toronto cops. They're in for something big and nobody wants to know about it.

Thankfully Vicki is extremely open minded. Hopefully it doesn't lead to her untimely demise, since she seems to be the only one who is willing to listen to the clues that teach her about demonology, ghosts, and vampires. There's a whole other world hidden out there, and she doesn't need her eyesight to find it.

Surprisingly practical and engaging, Huff writes a winning series, with this novel as its debut. Less well known that True Blood, but incredible enough that it won it's own original series, Blood Price is a great place to start a wander into a world apart.

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